Monday, June 28, 2010

Diane di Prima is coming to Gloucester

The Charles Olson Society of Gloucester is excited to announce that Diane DiPrima will be reading on Saturday, October 9 at 7 pm at the Independent Church on Middle Street in Gloucester as part of the Olson 100 celebrations.

DiPrima, who is featured in Society member Henry Ferrini's film about Olson Polis is This, is currently the Poet Laureate of San Francisco. She has received lifetime achievement awards from the National Poetry Association and the Bay Area Book Reviewers Association. She has received grants from the Lapis Foundation, the National Endowment n the Arts, the Committee on Poetry, and the Institute for Aesthetic Development.

Of far greater importance than the many laurels she has earned has been her commitment to the ongoing project of cultivating a life in poetry. To get a sense of this commitment read click here to read "The Poetry Deal" written in 1993 but published most recently in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 16, 2010.